Wellness Pros: Which of these Four Problems is Yours?

There are four problems with a transactional business model.

  1. No defined results-based transformation
  2. No invested commitment from the clients or patients into members
  3. No scalability for leveraged growth
  4. No service that activates the pro to leverage their lifestyle wisdom to create a healthy culture among their clients

Let’s solve all four problems.

You have an opportunity to lead your way. Maybe you lead like a star, or maybe like a supporter, or even a mechanic or a connoisseur.

As an added income stream, your CLUB is an upsell.


An upsell is when a client purchases something of a higher value and higher cost for an even better product or service. But let’s start with the role of consults, products, classes, and challenges and then talk about your upsell.

Introductory offers serve the purpose of people seeing a better potential and finding out who you are. Introductory offers also do the most challenging work of assessing where they are and embarking on the initial personal upgrades. A strong process enables you to get to know, like, and trust each other and see if there is resonance. Your introductory offer, which is a process, should reflect your values, your integrity, and your personal body wisdom.

If you can lead a journey, a transformational CLUB annual membership, you can make a great living and experience a lucrative lifestyle. I grew Yogahealer by 50% during the pandemic because I had a club that met the needs of people wanting to become resilient and thrive through the pandemic. I had set up my CLUB, and people were ready for something better on the menu than isolation and a supply of toilet paper.

The upsell to CLUB membership can never go out of style if you can genuinely lead transformation. It’ll never be too late to lead a CLUB with committed members to genuinely transformational results.

Why not?

Because the impulse to evolve is part of human nature. And those that can guide us to evolve are worth investing time with.

The member commitment permits you to work toward results straightaway. Momentum builds. Leading invites you to create the infrastructure for your members to thrive as a dynamic CLUB.

To figure out the club your clients want you to lead, answer these questions:

  • When did your healing journey begin?
  • What were your symptoms? 
  • Who were your guides?
  • What habits did you develop?
  • What skills did you develop?
  • What made the most significant difference?
  • What were your results?
  • Who did you meet along the way?
  • What are your core convictions or beliefs about healing? About investing in health? About daily habits or practices?

If you want a 1-1 wellness career coaching session, we can understand who you are. We’ll help you clarify your values, mission, ambition, and business model for success. We’ll guide you through a process to define your A to B.  We’ll show you how to design your potential Club,  built from your unique convictions, mission, training, and ambition (Use this promo code to get a huge discount as a blog reader: BLOGREADER)

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