Ready Set Grow

your IMPACT.

You are the answer for people who want to thrive, to heal, to intuit, to grow, to prosper, to experience the sheer magnificence of being human.

Lead from lifestyle. Diet. Habits. influence. Get remarkable results. Earn at the next level. Scale your impact.

You are an influence in the influence economy.

Your job is to guide the most profound transformation you are capable of, for the most people.

We are witnessing in an inflamed, bloated, un-well culture.

Your wisdom is the way forward.

Live your wellness for your work.

Our mission is to guide our members to LEAD their members true to their purpose and thrive from leading from their wellness lifestyle

Cate Stillman


I crafted Wellness Pro Academy for Wellness Pros who want more time, more profit, faster client results.

With us, your wellness lifestyle becomes your core leadership strategy.

Activate your wisdom to earn.

Because your wellness lifestyle becomes your core leadership strategy, you get to deeply explore rejuvenation, resetting your rhythm with circadian habits. As you relax and lead your club, you’ll experience spaciousness, abundance, focus, direction, impact. You’ll lead from wisdom. You grow financially by maximizing your thrive, your impact and lifestyle freedom. You eliminate busywork, less profitable offerings, as you simplify you enjoy your life, and can scale at your pace.

What Members Say

“I feel super seen in the business transition. WPA – I feel that it’s made for me” “ I’m moving from a didactic style of teaching. People drinking from the fire hose….to minimum spec curriculum to have a transformational experience. I’m way more relaxed, I don’t have fill 90 min of content, instead I let the club members show up and do the work with me.”

David McConaghay
Ayurvedic Doctor/ Astrologer

I would say if you have done the inward work of shifting from a victim’s mindset to an open mindset of a learner then you ought to take the jump to this side of the fence because WPA presents an abundance of opportunities to learn and advance yourself both in your personal health and in your wellness business. You will need support for sustainability and you will find that in WPA. You will have top-notch support not only from Cate and her fabulous coaches but your fellow WPA classmates!

Andrea Brewer
WPA Member

“I am now able to help more people evolve within a group instead of trying to meet one on one, which was exhausting. I make more money now as I am more confident and have time to learn more and more (which is exciting to me). I started working for myself entirely, calling the shots and am better able to make decisions that support my peeps.”

Shea Lehnen
Coach, MHT, YT

who we work with @ WELLNESS PRO ACADEMY

Holistic + Functional
+ RegenerativeDoctors

You went from allopathic to holistic, based on personal experience. You know your work works. You care that your patients evolve. Patients refer you. You want leverage in your business. You want to play at the next level.

Movement Experts + Gym Owners

Your wisdom is somatic, kinesthetic, and body-centric. Alignment matters. Food, fasting, and body habits make your work out of the gym effective for what happens when your clients are with you. You want bigger transformations, more commitment from your clients, and more money. You need a smarter business model.

Influencers +Biohackers+Yogis

You already lead from lifestyle. You have a following. Now you want to jump income brackets without becoming a full-time digital marketer and losing your mind with all the little tasks that get the job done. We get it. We’ll show you the way to the next level.

Physical Therapists +Mental Therapists + Soul Therapists

Health issues are growing globally. You know the value of 1-1 attention. And you know the leverage of group momentum. There is a more effective and more lucrative way of working. 1-1 and 1 to many. We’ll show you how. 

Unique Boutique Wellness Studio Owners

You have a space. You have a list. Your clients praise your existence. You have a feeling you are sitting on a gold mine – and you are – but you can’t figure out how to mine it. You have the potential for way more revenue with way less work. We have the answer… and we’ll guide you step by step to maximize profit margin. 

the CLUB



We lead by example. We show you everything in the business model we have scaled at CLUB THRIVE. In WPA you implement the club model. By earning while you learn you get established to build a waitlist.

All action. No fluff. Fast results for you and your CLUB.

OurCore Competencies

You’ll launch your own CLUB, implement a streamlined, community-based lead flow strategy, nail enrollment to build a waitlist, and build simple systems to run your CLUB with simple tools that leverage automation.


We’re also blackbelt on Circadian Rhythm Habits & Positive Stressors, adversity or primal habits. Intermittent Fasting. Microbiome Diet,

Our Vibe

Feels like dropping into the best conversation you could be in. Wise beyond our years. Inspiring and aspiring in embodied leadership. Wild. Primal. Holistic. Innovative. Outside the box. No B.S., & loads of fun, meaning, depth, connection.

In WPA CLUB, you are hanging in the CLUB for wellness pros. Our wellness pro CLUB members have much in common. Yet, you’re all unicorns… highly specialized in your wellness wisdom. Get connected to your peers in the connection economy…We’re a network that activated by collaborative intelligence.

The vibe is evolving, intimate, and your colleagues inspire you to break your personal and professional glass ceilings. Experience the power of showing up as you, a wellness pro, in the wellness pro club

Humans are losing the battle of wellness

You have the diet, fitness, and habits that work

Your clients need you to lead the way

Your success builds your waitlist

Your wellness is critical to your impact

Wellness Pro Business Models

1-1 Consults
EASE for Clients
Leveraging Time

wellness proS: YOU Need to lead

We activate your leadership. Then your earning potential. Then your impact..
With us, you uplevel your wellness wisdom, your lifestyle and dynamic club leadership skills. You experience the camaraderie of wellness pro colleagues. You'll earn while you learn the CLUB model. You'll nail your lead flow, your sales skills, and build a waitlist for your CLUB. The experience is 1 year.
where to begin​ where to begin​
where to begin​ where to begin​


First, get on our waitlist. You’ll tell us about your current reality, current business model and income streams and your next ambitions.

Crash Course

For you to find out the return on investment from being in WELLNESS PRO ACADEMY, you’ll be invited into our LEAD YOUR CLUB crash course, at a significant discount. It’s our weeder program. If you get weeded in… it means you’ll crush your goals with us.


As part of the LEAD YOUR CLUB CRASH COURSE, you’ll have a qualifying interview. Bring your goals, your challenges, your potential. We’ll see if we’re a fit.



“I lead the CLUB at Wellness PRO ACADEMY. I model the way for wellness pros at CLUB THRIVE. GLOBAL. In CLUBS, people evolve in the life they want faster, more easily and it’s WAY more fun.

Whether you want to scale for impact, like I have, or enjoy a quiet lifestyle as a wellness pro, this is the best business model for quality of life and lucrative lifestyle.”

Cate stillman


Cate stillman


Cate stillman



“Cate Stillman is on the edge of the growing edge of culture. A futurist, innovator, thoughtleader.

– Dr. Cindy Lou Golin

Founder, healer, author, coach, gen x entrepreneur, and CLUB creator for the past two decades. Cate devotes herself to guiding wellness pros around the globe who are trying to uplevel IMPACT. LIFESTYLE DESIGN. WEALTH. in that order.

Cate is a world expert in PRIMAL HABITS, the anti-inflammatory habits that make humans smarter, vibrantly healthy and awake to purpose; an innovator in Ayurvedic medicine; and an innovator in business models for evolved lifestyle-driven entrepreneurs.


You sell out seats and build a waitlist of future club members. Lead from your personality, zone of genius and how you fascinate to build a club that is magnetic to future members. Be guided with or without paid advertising, email newsletters, video sales letters, organic youtube, local and social engagement. Use our templates to launch faster.

In your CLUB, your members will get results faster. You will be more effective because you leverage the power, the structure, the intelligence of dynamic clubs. Coupled with circadian rhythm habits, reversing chronic inflammation, laser coaching, habit evolution training… your CLUB will become notoriously successful. Leverage our training resources and templates with your members, if you want.