What’s your Business Plan to 3X Your Yoga Studio Profit?

If you haven’t yet opened your studio – this Business Plan Template for Yoga Studio Owners is an excellent place to start. But, if you’ve been in business for a little while, you probably realize that a plan like that won’t get you anywhere near the profit you want.

The problem is most yoga studio owners imitate each other’s revenue model behind their business plan. That’s natural. The problem? Most try to grow profit with more students and classes. Classes and more students are not a good profit strategy.

Why not?

The best business plan template for a yoga studio

Get our Wildly Profitable Yoga Studio 1-page Biz Plan (PDF). The PDF shows you the most profitable, highest-impact revenue model for yoga studios. Look for the gaps in your current revenue streams and what you need to add and subtract to 3x your profit margin.

For repeated, scalable profitability, your studio needs a high-end upsell. Yoga Teacher training is an example of an upsell. The only problem is YTT’s generate competition. Serving your students by offering a unique club within your studio is a smarter upsell.

The market is the scorekeeper in providing value to your community. The most amazing teachers and healers usually leave profit on the table. Yet, scaling your profitability is the best service you can give your community, for the long haul.

Transformation is the penultimate premium customized experience. At Wellness Pro Academy, the structure we use to triple profits for yoga studio owners is a CLUB. A club is the best structure to guide transformation. As a studio owner, your job is to guide the transformation with a club.

The club will be made of committed, engaged members who want results. You’ll coach them to results with wellness habits and growth experiences alongside yoga classes.

This is part of our The Yoga Studio Owner’s Ultimate Guide to 3X Your Profit. When you download the tipsheet, you’ll get access to the 23 page guide.  

The next question is… do you want to triple your profit enough to evolve your revenue model? At Wellness Pro Academy, we hope so. We want yoga teachers and studio owners to exchange more value in their communities.

Your Yoga studio’s WELLNESS CLUB

Let’s package what your students need the most into a club. Think of your yoga studio’s wellness club as a  transformational journey. It’s a one-year membership that leads to extraordinary results. Your club is a journey only you and your studio could guide. Where to begin?

Start with this question: What do your students need the most?

Then, answer more questions:

  • What is your wellness expertise?
  • What are your wellness convictions?
  • What are your daily wellness habits?
  • What is your studio’s vibe?

Are you guiding students to results? The more developed your students become, the more they invest in transformational experiences. Evolved people spend less on stuff. They are willing to pay for precisely what they want. They want transformation. They want connection. They want wellness wisdom.

They need better habits. They need a leader. They need a tribe. And a structure. What’s a structure? A structure in a standard business plan is a product or service. You are evolving from delivering a service (yoga classes) to guiding a transformational journey.

Your club won’t serve the masses. Go hog-wild customizing. Customizing drives pricing to premium. Premium increases profit and funds free classes and community-building events. Your impact soars.

You won’t have any competition the more you customize based on you as owner, leader, and club builder.

Your members will report that your CLUB changed their lives, opened the window of time, and was the best investment they have made. You will change their future. We’ll guide you through the process.

You become more relevant to the students you want to serve. You won’t have any competition the more you customize based on you as owner, leader, and club builder. You evolve from delivering a service to guiding a transformational journey.

Profitability is meaningful.

More profitability means you are meeting a need in the marketplace.
More profitability for your yoga studio means that you are meeting deeper needs in real-time.

Yoga Studio Owners Should Lead from Your Wellness Lifestyle

You should customize your club to your wellness expertise, your wellness convictions, and wellness habits, and your studio’s vibe. By leading from your lifestyle, you generate power. You root in integrity. You lead the way from the experience, which is fun… and easy.

At Wellness Pro Academy, we guide you through launching, enrolling and guiding your studio’s unique club step by step. If you join the waitlist,  we can start helping you 3x your profit immediately.

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