Navigating New Wellness Pro Certifications: A Comprehensive Guide

In this video, I provide an overview of Wellness Pro Academy and how our certifications work. I discuss our values of Thrive, community, impact, purpose, and profit, and explain how our business model focuses on transformation rather than transaction. I also emphasize the importance of finding your convictions and choosing certifications that align with your beliefs. Throughout the video, I highlight different certifications, such as Body Thrive, Strategic Life Coach, Yoga Health Coach, and more. If you’re looking to scale your impact and create meaningful transformations for your clients, this video will provide valuable insights.

Hey there, it’s Cate from WellnessPro Academy. I’ll walk you through our journey, core values, and how these certifications align with our mission to guide transformation and achieve lasting results for both wellness professionals and their clients.H2: Our Purpose and Values:With over 20 years in the field, I’ve witnessed a common challenge among wellness professionals – the tendency to operate within a transactional business model. At WellnessPro Academy, we break this cycle and guide professionals toward a transformational business model. This shift is all about leading clients through a massive identity evolution, fostering commitment to their goals, creating breakthroughs, and allowing time for an in-depth journey.

Our core values at WellnessPro Academy revolve around Thrive, community, impact, purpose, and profit. Yes, profit is a key component for sustainability and to support a thriving wellness lifestyle.H2:  The Club Model

Our unique approach involves a regenerative club model with a high renewal rate. This model not only creates a sense of community but also accelerates the transformation process, alleviating pressure on wellness professionals. The six steps to scale – offer, club, sales, leads, coaching, and system – are integral components of our model.H2: Wellness Certifications Unveiled

Now, let’s delve into the certifications. We’ve carefully crafted a range of certifications to cater to various expertise levels and client needs. Each certification is designed to pair seamlessly with our club model, ensuring a holistic approach to wellness.
  1. Body Thrive: A foundational certification focusing on circadian rhythm habits, ideal for those with mainstream clientele or beginners in their healing journey.
  2. Living Ayurveda: Tailored for those working with mind, body, and spirit, this certification is perfect for deepening connections to nature, body typing, and holistic practices.
  3. Strategic Life: Geared towards purpose-driven coaching, strategic life coaching helps clients scale their purpose, enhance focus, and complete meaningful projects.
  4. Primal Habits: An edgier certification for biohackers and those already advanced in their wellness journey, addressing modern challenges with primal habits.
  5. Yoga Health Coaching: Similar to Body Thrive coaching but with a yogic focus, this certification is ideal for those already in the yoga profession.

Roadmap for Your Success

In summary, our certifications are structured to provide you with a roadmap for success, aligning with your convictions and expertise. The key is to find the right mix of major and minor certifications that resonate with your values and your clients’ needs. Remember, our goal is to guide you to sustainable, impactful, and profitable wellness practices.Ready to embark on this transformative journey?

And then, we can schedule a consult.We’re here to support you every step of the way. Cheers to loving your life, your profit margin, and the incredible impact you’ll make in the wellness world!

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