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“I feel super seen in the business transition. WPA – I feel that it’s made for me” “5 weeks into my club pilot, I’m getting crystal clear on how I lead from my wellness lifestyle. I’m moving from a didactic style of teaching. People drinking from the fire hose….to minimum spec curriculum to have a transformational experience. I’m way more relaxed, I don’t have fill 90 min of content, instead I let the club members show up and do the work with me.”

David McConaghay
Ayurvedic Doctor/ Astrologer

I would say if you have done the inward work of shifting from a victim’s mindset to an open mindset of a learner then you ought to take the jump to this side of the fence because WPA presents an abundance of opportunities to learn and advance yourself both in your personal health and in your wellness business. You will need support for sustainability and you will find that in WPA. You will have top-notch support not only from Cate and her fabulous coaches but your fellow WPA classmates!

Andrea Brewer
WPA Member

“I am now able to help more people evolve within a group instead of trying to meet one on one, which was exhausting. I make more money now as I am more confident and have time to learn more and more (which is exciting to me). I started working for myself entirely, calling the shots and am better able to make decisions that support my peeps.”

Shea Lehnen
Coach, MHT, YT