At Home Medical Testing for Health Coaching with Functional Diagnostics with Reed Davis

Join Cate Stillman on the Well Pro Show, where she delves into the world of functional diagnostic nutrition with Reed Davis from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. Discover the transformative journey from environmental law to wellness advocacy and the birth of a groundbreaking system for addressing lifestyle-based health challenges.

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

  • Insight into the historical evolution of functional medicine, from alternative to integrative approaches.
  • Understanding the pivotal role health coaches play in interpreting lab results and supporting clients in behavior change.
  • Exploration of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition’s (FDN) comprehensive training program, covering lab result interpretation, lifestyle protocols, and business aspects.
  • Business model insights, including fees for service, supplement sales, and the autonomy FDN practitioners have in their professional endeavors.


  • Explore the historical progression from alternative to functional medicine.
  • Understand how health coaches contribute to the functional medicine landscape, supporting clients and doctors.
  • Insights into FDN’s training program covering lab interpretation, lifestyle protocols, and business skills.
  • Learn about the autonomy FDN practitioners have in their fee-for-service model, supplement recommendations, and business setup.


  • “Functional medicine doctors are still doctors…they’re bound by their licensure to diagnose and treat specific things.”
  • “We’re there to make the connections…you’ve lived like this, and now you can live yourself out of it.”
  • “We don’t want you dependent on us. Medicine works on dependency…we’re saying, you’re going to be in control of your own life and your own health from now on.”


In wrapping up this conversation, Reed emphasizes FDN’s mission to help people and spread the message of empowerment. Whether you’re a health professional or someone exploring functional medicine, this episode provides valuable insights into the evolving field and the transformative role of health coaches. Tune in to discover how FDN is shaping the future of holistic health practices.

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