From South Africa to the World: Redefining the Global Yoga Lifestyle

Hey, everyone! It’s Cate Stillman with the Wellness Pro Academy podcast. In this episode, I have a coaching session with Nina Saacks, a yoga teacher and rebranding enthusiast. Join us as we dive into the exciting journey of rebranding and creating a global impact. Get ready for some valuable insights and inspiration!

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

– Learn how to simplify your life and create a freedom-based lifestyle

– Gain insights into rebranding strategies and practical considerations

– Understand the significance of being a futurist and staying ahead of market trends

– Explore the challenges and opportunities of rebranding for a more global approach


– The vision behind Yoga Awakening Africa and its evolution over time

– Nina’s realization of the need for a rebrand as she transitions to a remote lifestyle

– The importance of expertise and convictions in creating a successful yoga club

– Embracing simplicity and focusing on habits to enhance personal practice

– Exploring the possibility of a VIP club and expanding beyond simple sadhana


“The world economy is moving fast, and as a futurist, you don’t have to wait for the market to catch up.”

“Yoga is freedom, living your life. Don’t miss your life.”

“It’s radical to be more interested in your own life than in distractions like TV or ballgames.”

“Rebranding gives you the opportunity to attract the right people and showcase your unique offerings.”

“The web connects us all, allowing for a global community and new possibilities.”

“Pivot or layer—choose the rebranding approach that suits your vision and goals.”

Remember, rebranding is a personal journey, and you have the freedom to choose the approach that resonates with your vision and goals. Don’t hesitate to scrap the old and start afresh or creatively rename your existing platforms. The key is to align your brand with your future self and embrace the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

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