Habit to Identity Evolution: Creating Lasting Impact and a Thriving Wellness Business

In this insightful podcast episode, Cate Stillman and Kate Dupays delve into the transformative power of circadian habits and the significance of co-creation in the wellness business. Join them as they explore how habit evolution leads to identity evolution and how club owners can build a thriving community by engaging with their members.

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

  • Learn how identity evolution occurs through the development of empowering habits.
  • Understand the role of patience and supportive environments in achieving long-term success in personal growth and business.
  • Discover the importance of co-creating with club members and fostering a sense of ownership within a community.
  • Gain insights into pricing and selling in the wellness business and building strong convictions to attract ideal clients.
  • Learn essential sales skills and strategies for generating leads to fuel business growth.
  • Gain practical strategies for overcoming challenges in pricing, selling, and mastering skills in the wellness industry.
  • Find inspiration from real-life experiences, such as skiing through challenging terrains, as metaphors for overcoming difficulties in business and life.


  • Significance of circadian habits in personal growth and identity evolution.
  • Embracing deep, slow energy and its role in experiencing breakthrough moments.
  • Co-creating with club members for engagement and a supportive community.
  • Challenges of pricing and selling in the wellness business.
  • Importance of building strong convictions about offerings and pricing to attract ideal clients.
  • Mastering essential sales skills and strategies for lead generation.
  • Drawing inspiration from personal experiences to overcome business obstacles.


“Once your habits are dialed in with circadian habits, you’re seated in yourself, awake to who you are now, and now you get fired up with vision and purpose.”

“It’s okay if progress is slow, as long as you have the container for both fast and slow growth.”

“Co-creation with members makes them feel essential and engaged in steering the club’s direction.”

“Understanding members’ fears and desires is crucial for tailoring offerings effectively.”

“Mastering the skill of sales and generating leads is essential for business growth in the wellness industry.”


Tune in to gain valuable insights and inspiration for your personal growth journey and business endeavors.

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