Do you have Shadow Issues in Your Business?

What are shadow issues?
Shadow issues are recurring issues that blind you from your growth. SHadow issues therefore point to where you can get the biggest bang for your buck. The bang?

Breaking your glass ceiling.

Having more time for you.
Working with more committed clients.

Getting clients to results faster.

What are your current wellness business issues? For holistic doctors, practitioners, yoga + movement studio owners, gym owners, physical therapists, therapists, energy workers, body workers, massage therapists… Customer commitment? Collecting payment? Scheduling? Are you hitting an income or time glass ceiling?

Cate unpacks the solution in this 20 minute training.

We’ve found a smarter way to work with – our patients, clients, students.

Results-focused. Collective intelligence. Lifestyle-driven. Member/Leader commitment. Higher profit margin.

The SMARTER business model for Wellness Pros, who know how to go a mile deep. Is this you? It’s not really about the money.

You want to help people.

You want to work with committed people.

And you want your lifestyle to drive your career.

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