Overcoming Enrollment Challenges for Wellness Business Owners – Coaching Gym with Cate and Uschi Inkofer

Welcome to Wellness Pro Academy, formerly known as Yoga Health Coaching. In this podcast episode, Cate Stillman is joined by Uschi Inkofer, a coach based in Germany near Munich. They discuss Uschi’s coaching experience and her niche, which focuses on women aged 45 and above going through menopause. The conversation revolves around the challenges of getting new members into her program.

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

  • Learn about the common obstacles faced by women in Uschi Inkofer’s niche when considering joining her program.
  • Gain valuable insights on reverse engineering decisions to achieve long-term goals.
  • Understand the importance of building trust in oneself and in the coaching program.
  • Discover the true value of making positive changes in their lives and overcoming resistance to change.


  • Uschi’s coaching niche: Women aged 45 and above experiencing menopause.
  • Challenges in getting new members into the program.
  • The importance of reverse engineering decisions based on long-term goals.
  • Helping clients identify specific and valuable goals for themselves.
  • Understanding the significance of trust in making transformative decisions.
  • Strategies to handle time objections and overcome resistance to change.
  • The role of trust in breaking the flight or fight response to create lasting change.


“If she just keeps going on her own, making decisions according to her current beliefs and her current assumptions, things are not probably gonna get better.”

“What beliefs and assumptions do they have right now that would need to change for them to become a member?”

“Their health is more important. How they feel every single day in their body, how their habits are forming their future is simply more important.”

“Trust is a really, really important thing today because all people are in such a flight and fight state, and they need to trust that they can come out of this.”

“This is short-term decision making, whereas long-term decision making leads to greater time freedom and being present and available.”


Tune in to gain valuable insights and inspiration for your personal growth journey and business endeavors.

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