Driving Success for Your Wellness Pro Business: Optimizing Marketing and Admin Structures

In this episode of the Wellness Pro Academy podcast, Cate Stillman is joined by Louise Charman James to discuss how to set up effective structures for marketing and administration in a wellness professional business. Louise recently completed her year-long program and has questions about creating systems that can bear the weight of her work and allow for more fluidity. Cate provides insights and suggestions to help Louise streamline her processes and enhance her offerings.

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

  • Learn how to set up structures for marketing and administration in a wellness pro business
  • Discover strategies to delegate tasks and reduce overwhelm
  • Understand the benefits of creating different levels of membership and pricing options
  • Gain insights into building a strong community and facilitating deep connections among members


  • The importance of creating different levels of membership and pricing options to cater to different client needs
  • Streamlining marketing efforts by focusing on booked appointments and leveraging testimonials
  • Utilizing video content, such as YouTube videos, to engage with your audience and provide value
  • Collecting member testimonial videos to showcase the transformative impact of your programs
  • Incorporating interactive elements and facilitation into your content to foster deeper connections


“The structure can start to bear some of the weight of my work, so that the work is a little bit more fluid.”

“The limitation on the value of those sessions as well, because everyone’s getting the same thing and it’s all included.”

“Just focus on the number of booked leads on your calendar.”

“Focus on the transformation and impact of your work, and capture member testimonial videos to showcase it.”

“Streamline your marketing efforts by providing valuable content through YouTube videos and leveraging your existing email list.”


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    Streamlining your marketing efforts and focusing on booked appointments will be key in maximizing your impact and attracting new clients. By leveraging testimonial videos and creating engaging content on platforms like YouTube, you can showcase the transformative power of your work and build connections with potential clients, ultimately leading to the growth and success of your wellness pro academy. Tune in for more episodes like this!

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