Our 7 Convictions

“CLUB” is the ultimate balance between profit, client results, and wellness pro lifestyle design. To achieve this balance our 7 convictions are the backbone:

  1. Wellness Pros come from many backgrounds with unique combinations of embodied wisdom, training and titles.
  2. The more successful wellness pros in a community the more the community thrives.
  3. Wellness Pros are essential for the human species and the planet to thrive.
  4. Wellness Pros must thrive in their lifestyle, daily rhythm and habits to lead by example.
  5. People want to belong to a club that bolsters exactly how they want ot grow next. People want to experience thrive faster than ever. And many people are currently hurting in a state of chronic inflammation. (#1 global killer)
  6. Chronic inflammation is diet and lifestyle driven. Wellness pros need to guide clients/patients/members quickly and effectively to reverse chronic inflammation, and experience regeneration.
  7. When Wellness Pros adopt the low-tech “CLUB” lean business model they easily double their earnings, can scale if desired, uplevel their easeful lifestyle, and honestly lead by example. They design their “club” from their unique expertise.

Curious? Talk to Us. (GET LINK TO MICHAEL”S CALENDLY for this.

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