Is Your Wellness Biz Model Transactional or Transformation?

What propelled you off the beaten path and onto your healing journey? Did you also shift from codependent to growth relationships? What is your wellness training? Is it holistic or allopathic, or a mix? I want to know who you are, dear reader.

Most importantly, what are your core lessons learned from your healing journey or wellness path?

Recall the training you sought, what you needed to know, learn, and experience. I want to know where you started and where you’ve arrived. That is your A to B, which we’ll get into.

How serious is your desire to make a difference? Are you a careerist or a hobbyist? A dabbler or a lifer?

How do you define future success for your wellness pro? What’s your desire? How strong is your follow-through? What are your current challenges? Take a moment and reflect. 

I’ve been guiding wellness pros to success for over a decade. I’ve coached wellness pros to embed their purpose with a smarter business model. At the Wellness Pro Academy, we call it CLUB – the best business model for wellness pros who want to lead from their lived experience and their wellness lifestyle. CLUB gives you the infrastructure of a successful career that reinforces your leading by example.

This book will look at wellness pros from varying backgrounds and modalities, from allopathic and holistic doctors, pharmacists and nurses, mental health therapists, physical therapists, yoga teachers, personal trainers, and bodyworkers.

We showcase the club business model at CLUB THRIVE for people who want to thrive in their bodies and lives (even if they have a scary diagnosis or disease). We walk our talk and model the way for wellness pros looking to leverage their wisdom for income and in pursuit of transformational client results.

The main component of accelerating member results is building the right culture.

In your CLUB, you’ll create a healthy culture to reverse modern culture’s chronic symptoms effectively. As you read the next section, consider the culture you could create and the value that will bring to your future members.


Where is your value now? As a wellness pro, what transformation do you currently guide or want to guide?

This is your A to B.

Your A to B is the value you provide. This can be translated into packaging and pricing.

The value lies in the transformation. If that transformation lasts a lifetime, the value is exponential. The more value you can exchange, the more impactful your career will be. The better you can articulate the value of the impact, the more lucrative your career will be.

Pro is short for professional. Professionals exchange value for value. Professionals exchange the value of transformation for financial investment.

Most wellness pros leave impact and income on the table by not having a business model that insists on A to B. A is where prospects are when they become members.

A is usually struggling with the symptoms of underlying chronic, systemic inflammation. This may appear as stress, over-scheduling, depression, overwhelm, carrying weight, immune issues, trouble sleeping, trouble digesting–aka bloating; the list goes on. I write about this extensively in Uninflamed: 21 Primal Habits – which is free on Amazon Unlimited.

A’s habits may involve late nights, snacking, always being busy, eating too frequently, late nights from screen time, caffeine to wind up, and alcohol to wind down.

How do you guide them to feeling great?

B is feeling great. Physically strong. Well-rested. Deeply nourished. They are dynamically engaged with their goals, friends, body, and whole life. B has automated habits that reduce chronic systemic inflammation through all stages of life. At B, your clients sleep well, eat clean, and digest easily. They are resilient and adaptable and experience a baseline of positive emotions daily, every day. That is a transformation. That is a solid A to B. A to B is a journey.

Your biggest value lever is to lead the transformational journey.


Most wellness pros operate on a transactional business model.

Their clients pay by the transaction, which may be a session, a class, or a series. Neither the commitment nor the timeframe isn’t enough to lead to results.

Wellness pros are not taught how to evaluate their client’s health issues and goals and how to create a package based on goal-driven results.

The local and global marketplace can make or break your dreams. If you shift from a transactional to a transformational CLUB model – you uplevel yourself out of general competition. You simplify your marketing needs. You turn clients or patients into members. Members are empowered. Members part of a dynamic club are engaged, proactive, and supported. To package a CLUB means to build a truly transformative experience. Members invested with skin in the game make it possible, but also scalable, for you to bust your impact ceilings… and income ceilings.

And if you are a wellness pro worth your salt, chances you might be able to put together your journey membership right now. We find issues arise first with packaging and pricing. Next, with marketing. Next, with sales. And later …with dynamic club engagement. And after that, knowing how to reverse chronic inflammation with habit evolution. This is why having a business coach who knows the A to B model is a wise investment with a good return on investment (ROI). If you want a 1-1 wellness career coaching session, we can understand who you are. We’ll help you clarify your values, mission, ambition, and business model for success. We’ll guide you through a process to define your A to B.  We’ll show you how to design your potential Club,  built from your unique convictions, mission, training, and ambition (Use this promo code to get a huge discount as a blog reader: BLOGREADER)

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