How to Hub Market with Complimentary Businesses for Wellness Pros: Cate and Tad Hargrave

Podcast Intro

In today’s episode: how wellness professionals can leverage hub marketing to find their ideal clients. Cate’s guest today is Tad Hargrave, expert in hub marketing and founder of the Hub Marketing Roadmap.

What you’ll get out of tuning in

In this episode, Tad Hargrave coaches Cate and the wellness pros at Wellness Pro Academy on hub marketing, including the stages of becoming a hub, finding your ideal client’s hubs, and building relationships with complementary businesses. Tad shares his clients in various wellness modalities, use of hubs, networking tips, and how to use affiliate marketing and endorsements to grow your business.


  • How does social media reinforce insecurities for wellness pros?
  • Why we want wellness pros to focus on being wellness pros, not digital marketers
  • How to make it easy for your ideal clients to find you
  • Are your ideal clients already looking for you?
  • Which hubs are where your ideal client spends time and attention
  • How to build relationships with complementary businesses
  • Examples of hubs for wellness professionals from bodyworkers to yoga teachers to holistic wellness practitioners
  • What is the role of free presentations in hub marketing?
  • How to Niche yourself to get on podcasts as a guest
  • Examples of wellness pros working in weight loss, energy medicine, and Chinese medicine
  • How to network to reach hubs
  • How to use hubs for endorsements and affiliate marketing
  • When to pay hubs directly for ads on podcasts or Facebook pages


  • “We want wellness pros to be wellness pros, not become digital marketers.”
  • “Our ideal clients, by definition, are already looking for us.”
  • “Where your ideal client spends time and attention is a hub.”
  • “Self-promotion is kryptonite for most of us.”
  • “When you reach out, don’t assume it’ll be a fit.”

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