Build + Sell Your Best Wellness Offer in 2024…

In this episode of the Wellness Pro podcast, we delve into a transformative conversation focused on sales and persuasion techniques within the context of wellness coaching. Join us as we explore the art of understanding client goals, emphasizing sacrifice and commitment, addressing objections, and guiding clients towards investing in themselves.

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

  • Insights into understanding client motivations and aspirations.
  • Strategies for addressing objections and overcoming resistance.
  • Tips for creating urgency and encouraging decision-making.
  • Guidance on providing a clear offer and path forward for clients.


  • Explore the importance of deeply understanding client aspirations through thoughtful questioning.
  • Learn why dedication and willingness to make sacrifices are essential for real transformation.
  • Discover techniques for helping clients see the value in investing in themselves and overcoming skepticism.
  • Find out how to create urgency and incentivize clients to take action within a specific timeframe.
  • Gain insights into presenting clients with a clear outline of the program or service offered, ensuring they understand the benefits and steps involved. 


“Real transformation requires dedication and willingness to make sacrifices.”

“Addressing objections involves helping clients see the value and potential benefits of investing in themselves.”

“Creating urgency can incentivize clients to take action and commit to their goals.”


Thank you for tuning in to today’s Wellness Pro Podcast episode. We hope you found today’s episode insightful and empowering. By delving into the art of understanding client goals, emphasizing the importance of sacrifice, addressing objections, creating urgency, and providing clarity, you’re equipped with valuable tools to elevate your coaching or sales approach.

Remember, true transformation requires dedication and a willingness to invest in oneself. By helping clients recognize the worth of their goals and guiding them through the journey, you’re not just selling a program—you’re facilitating life-changing experiences.

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