From Calling to Career: Thriving as a Healer in Today’s Wellness Industry

In this episode of the Wellness Pro Academy Podcast, Cate Stillman is joined by Leah Murphy, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Herbalist from Sitka, Alaska. They discuss the challenges and resistance faced by healers in the marketplace and explore strategies for embracing their calling while navigating the world of entrepreneurship.

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

  • Insight into the journey of a somatic healer and the role of the nervous system
  • Understanding the challenges and resistance faced by healers in the marketplace
  • Strategies for overcoming fear, low motivation, and resistance in pursuing one’s calling
  • Exploring the importance of somatic practices and their application in marketing and sales
  • Embracing the archetype of a warrior-merchant-healer and finding strength in vulnerability


  • Recognizing the language of the nervous system and coming back into rhythm with oneself
  • The internal struggle of fear of success and accepting the responsibility of being a healer
  • The role of somatic experiencing in healing and communicating at the level of the nervous system
  • The challenges faced by healers in the marketplace and the need to balance sensitivity and resilience
  • Exploring the historical context of healers and their roles in different cultures.
  • Understanding the significance of the hero’s journey in the context of entrepreneurship and healing
  • Overcoming patterns and old wounds through embracing the shadows and taking ownership
  • Tending to the younger self and finding solace in connecting with others
  • The importance of a holistic approach to healing that integrates personal and professional growth


“I love how people learn the language of their nervous system so they can come back into rhythm with themselves.”

“The marketplace is a dangerous, shady place, but it’s where exchange happens.”

“You can’t fight with reality. You’ll trash your nervous system if you do.”

“Your business is your healing path. The challenges are just part of the hero’s journey.”

“The goal has to be greater than the momentary circumstance. You have to really want it.”

“Owning the shadows and being vulnerable allows you to transcend patterns and become the queen of your underworld.”


In this thought-provoking episode, Cate Stillman and Leah Murphy delve into the journey of healers and the challenges they face in the marketplace. They emphasize the importance of somatic practices, overcoming resistance, and embracing one’s calling as a warrior-merchant-healer. By integrating personal healing with professional growth, healers can navigate the marketplace with resilience and authenticity. 

Tune in to gain valuable insights and inspiration for your own journey as a healer.

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