All Things Holy, Taboo, Primal, and Sacred with Katie Silcox and Cate Stillman

Join Ayurveda experts Cate Stillman and Katie Silcox as they dive head first into societal taboos including feces, urine and psychedelics. Exploring the roots of these taboos, the duo empower you to reclaim your primal essence through ancient practices that even predate ayurveda. Immerse yourself in a frank discussion that connects the gut microbiome, ancient Vedic myths, and the intriguing significance of cow dung. These two aren’t holding back… get ready for a journey into the depths of knowledge!

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

  • Insights into primal habits and intuitive wellness practices.
  • Understanding the connection between microbiome rejuvenation and overall health.
  • Exploring the taboo topic of urine therapy and its potential benefits.
  • Learning about the body’s innate ability to heal and thrive through unconventional methods.


  • Primal Habits and Intuitive Medicine
  • Urine Therapy and Microbiome Rejuvenation
  • Embracing Taboos and Healing Crises:
  • Inner Ecstasy and Psychedelic Practices


“It’s just the operating system of like, this is what naturally happens. You naturally orient towards thrive.”

“The more disgusted you have, the more conventional your beliefs are.”

“Hell is actually found through the gate to hell, and in the body, which is most taboo.”

“Fear is no longer… I’m not so afraid of fear anymore.”

“In the emptiness, in the suffocation is the fullness. And that’s the irony.”


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As we conclude this offbeat journey through primal habits, urine therapy, and microbiome rejuvenation, we urge you to expand your horizons and embrace the possibilities of intuitive wellness. Challenge societal norms, confront your fears, and contemplate the profound effects of unconventional practices like urine therapy on your quest for optimal health. Keep in mind, the road to thriving frequently leads beyond conventional expectations. Stay tuned for additional thought-provoking discussions on wellness and unconventional approaches that might just redefine your path to a healthier, more vibrant life.

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