Sales And Client Relationships For Wellness Professionals

The podcast episode features a conversation between Joanna Sapir and Cate Stillman, delving into the intricacies of creating effective sales processes for wellness professionals. They explore topics such as marketing strategies, pricing, overcoming objections, and building a successful client-provider relationship.

What You’ll Get Out of Tuning In

  • Insights into cultivating a positive mindset around sales for wellness professionals.
  • Strategies for building long-term and meaningful relationships with clients.
  • Effective marketing techniques, including addressing objections and sharing client transformation stories.
  • Understanding the dynamics of proper pricing strategies for different program levels.
  • Learning how to coach potential clients to make informed decisions aligned with their desired outcomes.
  • Appreciating the power of changing clients’ beliefs about their self-worth and investment in their well-being.


  • Mindset and Selling: The conversation starts by addressing the importance of embracing a positive mindset around sales. Viewing sales as a way to provide value and create transformation shifts the perspective from transactional to relational.
  • Long-Term Client Relationships: Building meaningful, long-term relationships with clients is emphasized as an essential aspect of successful sales processes. Focusing on clients’ well-being and being on their team contributes to their overall experience and progress.
  • Effective Marketing: The speakers discuss the significance of addressing potential objections and challenges in marketing materials. Sharing stories of clients’ journeys and transformation can help potential clients relate and envision their own success.
  • Pricing Strategies: Proper pricing is discussed as an integral part of effective sales processes. Higher-priced programs are often easier to sell because they attract clients who are more committed to their goals.
  • Coaching to a Decision: Overcoming objections is reframed as a coaching conversation that empowers potential clients to envision their future and align their actions with their desired outcomes.
  • Belief Change: The conversation highlights the power of changing clients’ beliefs about their worth and investment in themselves. A well-structured sales process should facilitate this change through coaching and meaningful conversations.


“Sales is simply the process of getting your clients to buy into their own transformation.” – Cate Stillman

“Clients want to know that they have a partner in their journey, not just a transaction.” – Joanna Sapir

“You should never feel like you’re trying to convince people. You should never be in a situation where you’re arguing with them.” – Cate Stillman

“Notice what you’re noticing. Notice what you’re observing in the world, because that’s your marketing.” – Joanna Sapir

“Every single person you’ve ever talked to is completely appropriate and very caring to reach out to in four months, six months, and check-in.” – Cate Stillman


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The podcast conversation provides valuable insights into creating effective sales processes tailored to the needs of wellness professionals. By shifting their perspective on sales, focusing on building relationships, addressing objections, and coaching potential clients to decisions, wellness pros can enhance their impact and success in the industry.

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