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wellness pro academy

Mastermind with 108 Wellness Pros who know the value of their work and have decided to scale.

PRO is a 12-month mastermind that gives experienced wellness pros the custom plan, live events, tools and skills, community, coaching, accountability and guidance required to convert their unique wellness wisdom into investment money. And, then, to scale as the unique wellness leader they already are.

Who Qualifies

PRO is for successful wellness pros, who are earning at least $10k per month, who want to collaborate, sell out seats, guide to results, and thrive in lifestyle design.

PRO is for wellness pros who are innovating the wellness industry with private practice, coaching and teaching, supplements, wearables, apps.

PRO is for wellness pros who understand we’re all in this together, and collaboration is a smarter lever than competition. 

PRO is for you if you’re a wellness pro who is worth your salt, gets results for clients, receives referrals, are as booked as you want to be, and has nothing to lose by investing in their wellness business by being in the right place at the right time for the right reason. 

PRO is for change-makers and thought leaders. If you’re typical, you don’t belong in the PRO with us. Yet. And, we’ll be here when you get there. Work with as many people as you can until you tip your tipping point into Wellness Pro. 

If you’ve turned pro, then you pre-qualify. Congrats. That required devotion.

See if you need this. We only accept wellness pros into PRO who need this:

✔️ You wish you could massively leverage your time for client results. 
✔️ You wish you could scale your impact/income model.
✔️ You’re reconsidering your pricing/pricing structure.
✔️ You’re ready to sell out seats at a premium.
✔️ You want a lean team, smarter systems, less hassle
✔️ You want to hang with A player Wellness Pros across sectors and verticals.
✔️ You want into the CLUB curriculum and the PRO network.
✔️ You want higher personal integrity with your habits, and lucrative lifestyle design

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How it Works

PRO gives you everything you need to succeed:

Custom plan: 1on1 onboarding session with Lori Cusi + Anna Berkelmanns to map out your plan for the year. They will hold you accountable and coach your specific issues. 

  • Live events: Quarterly 2-day live events – two are in-person, and two are virtual via Zoom.
  • Event recordings: All live events are recorded so you don’t need to worry about missing them.
  • Tools: Get all the tools required to build, test, maintain, and optimize all business systems.
  • Community: Our PRO NETWORK where you can hang out with the 108.
  • Coaching: 1x 2-hour weekly Q&A call on Zoom where you can ask Cate Stillman and team questions live.
  • Dynamic Groups: Every month we lead a dynamic group session on Zoom.
  • Accountability: Quarterly check-in calls from your success coach to hold you accountable.
  • Support: Get quick support via the community or email/chat/calls with your PRO coach.

How to get started

If you’re a wellness pro with a clear purpose and a profitable business, clearing at least six or multiple figures, and you’re interested in masterminding with 108 founders to maximize impact (# of clients/results), profits, agile team and your own freedom —

Schedule a call. Use the calendar below.
We’ll meet on Zoom to figure out where you’re at, where you want to be next. If the ACADEMY is a fit we’ll both know. If you have any questions, email