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Come with us!
Now - June 19-30, 2024!

From those who brought you all these SINCE 2001, WE ARE BACK THIS WINTER


I can't believe I reached my targets in 30 days!

Excellent content. I felt engaged the whole time – no time to fall off of the wagon. After cold showers, pot stirring, wim hof, time in nature, IF & UT and 5 days of FMD – I feel Amazing. I was able to hit all of my targets for the challenge with ease. I’m planning another 31 days (and FMD seasonally). Thanks everyone for the support and thanks Cate & the  community for a stellar program. In Wim Hof’s voice – ‘All the Love. All the Power’!

Cat Osban

I found my calm, focus and daily rhythm

The Challenge was a great start to the year and definitely helped me to feel calm, clear and able to focus in the right direction. I am going through a particularly challenging time right now, and I’m really proud that most days I was able to commit to doing my breathing, intermittent fasting and a cold shower. And, I’m confident I will continue to do this as part of my daily rhythm.

Lauren Burles

This challenge transformed my year

I followed Cate Stillman’s outline to the letter 🙏🏻🙏🏻 I just kept reminding myself about autophagy and that I was teaching myself how to be hungry and not need to eat 🥳 I have also dropped into the cold shower, cat/cow, etc habits and I notice that I don’t want to skip them now. Good cravings. Today I feel lighter and brighter and much more positive. All in all, what a wonderful way to start the year. Thanks to you all for all the support and motivation

Clare Fulton

Join our GLOBAL TRIBE of Challengers.

This is the community you need. Whoever you are, wherever in the world you may be, we are waiting for you.

Join Us. Rejuvenate. Vision. + Feel amazing by the end of June 2024!


Feast and Fast like a Pro

Get a clear vision for your 2024

Align action to Vision in JUNE!

Wrap up your 2024 projects

  • Feast and Fast like a Pro!
  • Heal yourself with the energy of Solstice + New Year’s
  • Get a clear vision for your 2024
  • Take massive action in early 2024 on your vision!
  • Feel amazing by the end of June 2024!


  • Live Sessions
  • Mentoring
  • Guides + Workbooks
  • Video training on PRIMAL!



When you party with the Primal Crowd… you feel great! You align to your values, your body, your heart. And you LEAD THE WAY for your people.


Check INWARD to SELF. Find who you want to become in 2024. CLARIFY YOUR VISION. Make your strategic plan.


We have the tools, the training and the COACHING. Come Jan. 24, 2024, you’ll be so glad you brought your people on the challenge. PRIMAL LIVING  is easier, more fun, and true to YOU.

Do you relate with these objections?

Correct. In fact, it’s never a good time. The better question is how do you want to feel 3 weeks from now.

We all have. The difference is, you’ll feel with us. When you become a member of our PRIMAL HABITS Challenge, you’ll join our momentum. As if by osmosis, you’ll notice a motivation comes with riding the wave of our depth of community

While many people will come on the challenge to drop their extra pounds, those already at their ideal weight will prime their cells with primal energy.

Yes, most of us have a tendency stemming from a fixed mindset. What that means is we measure our progress against perfection, against an achievable goal. In our challenge you’ll revitalize, recharge, and get grounded. You’ll measure your progress from where you started, and see the difference.

We get it. Inflation is real. What is even more real is that this challenge will save you more money over time. This small investment has a 10x compound interest effect.  If it were free, you wouldn’t have skin in the game. How much skin in the game? Just enough to make you show up, yet not enough to make you hesitate on the price.

If you’re thinking this challenge will be too advanced, you’d be wrong in your assumptions. Cate has a way with guiding beginners to gain traction fast, no matter if you’re pants don’t fit or you have a hard time getting on and off the floor. Cate leads an intergenerational community, don’t hold yourself back for your great leap forward.

Awesome. Congrats. And wellness pros around the planet join Cate’s challenges to uplevel their game, their life, their cells to hum at the next level of integration. Plus, if you appreciate where science meets ancient wisdom… you’ll want her direct downloads in real time. Even for the biohackers, primal habits may challenge their beliefs.


Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, CEO, and Amazon Bestselling Author!

Prepare to be captivated by the unstoppable force that is Cate Stillman—an extraordinary entrepreneur, visionary thought leader, fearless CEO, and author of multiple Amazon bestsellers. With her unrivaled expertise and groundbreaking insights, Cate has built an empire that challenges the norms and ignites a wellness revolution. Her innovative ventures, disruptive mindset, and transformative words have empowered individuals worldwide to reclaim their vitality and rewrite the rules of success. Join us now to tap into the edgy wisdom of Cate Stillman and embrace a life of limitless possibilities. It’s time to unleash your inner rebel and redefine what it means to thrive!

Come with us!
Now - June 19-30, 2024!

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